About Me

HeadshotI am a freelance sound engineer, musician, and educator working in the greater Los Angeles area. With over a decade of experience both in the studio and on the stage, I have provided music and sound services for small bands, large orchestras, club venues, festivals, theater, film and video games. As a technician, I have designed and built recording studios and concert stages. As an educator, I have provided newcomers and industry veterans alike with the skills needed to stay competitive in the fields of music theory and music technology. Throughout my professional and educational career, I have cultivated a unique skill-set that keeps me in demand In the studio, on the stage, and in the classroom.


I started making music when I was 10 years old. Before I understood anything about music theory, I managed to program my Yamaha children’s synthesizer to play the drum pattern to “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails. After hearing the “Ænima” album by Tool, I learned to tap along to the title track’s four-against-three polyrhythms, long before I understood what that word meant. From there, I guilt-tripped my parents into buying my first drum set. Before joining the junior high school band, I briefly played with Burbank’s Black Knights Drum Corps junior division. I spent four years in the John Burroughs High School drum line, where I learned how to set up a PA system in the middle of a football field in under a minute. When I wasn’t handling our sound gear, I played drum set and percussion. At the same time, I acted and served as a stagehand in the school’s Drama program.

Throughout junior high and high school, I played in countless bands outside of school as well. We played in the local punk, metal, and industrial scenes in Burbank, North Hollywood, and the Sunset Strip. Technically, this was also my first steady teaching gig. Since I was often the only member of the band with any formal training, I usually had to teach the rest of the band how to count musically (It’s “one-two-three-four-downbeat,” not “one-two-three-go”).

After high school, I attended Los Angeles Valley College’s Commercial Music program. I studied modern and traditional harmony, arranging, songwriting, film scoring, music business, stagecraft, and sound engineering for music and post-production. While there, I served as a program assistant to the music department. I oversaw the redesign and installation of the college’s new recording studio, I tutored students in various aspects of music theory and music technology, and I gradually developed my own teaching material. I worked with the other arts programs as well, providing sound services for the theater department, and jingles for the college’s radio station.

While attending college, I worked at many small recording studios as well. When the recession hit, almost all of them went out of business. I built my home studio and continued my career as a freelance sound engineer instead. I have run sound systems at nightclubs all along the Sunset Strip, recorded numerous albums for up-and-coming bands, scored music for film, built stages and studios, and trained both aspiring musicians and old analog veterans in the use of modern digital recording gear. I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Commercial Music and Music Technology.