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Music 265-B Fall 2015 Syllabus

PDF Version available HERE

Course: Music 265-B & Music 185 – Recording Arts Workshop

Location: Music building, Room 112

Schedule: Thursday, 3:30-7:40 PM, plus lab time (TBA)



Book: Basic Audio Recording Techniques, Digital Audio Recording (Music 165/265 books), Pro Tools 101 & lessons (updated regularly at

Course: Record, edit, mix, and master a music project using Pro Tools.

Learning Outcome: Students will know how to work with clients, manage a recording session as a 1st engineer, and operate Pro Tools in a professional studio environment.

What You Need

  1. Access to a computer with Pro Tools software (8.0 or higher)
  • The Full/Standard/Student editions of Pro Tools are recommended.
  • The free version, Pro Tools First, is acceptable. It can be downloaded at
  1. A portable hard drive with
  • A Firewire 400 or 800 port: you will be working off of this drive. USB 2 is too slow, and the school’s computers don’t have USB 3 ports. You will need a Firewire 400-to-800 adapter too.
  •  At least 300GB of free space (1 Terabyte will last a very long time)
  • At least 7200 RPM (standard speed – 5000 RPM storage drives are too slow for sessions)
  • The music & sound libraries on the computer. Copy them.
  1. A pair of Headphones or Earbuds
  • The computers in the lab do not have speakers or headphones – you will need your own.
  • You will need a ¼” (TRS) plug or adapter on the end.
  1. A song for your final project (must be finished before the last day of class)
  • At least 2 minutes long (you can always go longer)
  • Should be something recorded here at the college (lab, client, student project, etc)
  • Arranging & sequencing can be done with other programs like Logic & GarageBand as needed.
  • All editing, mixing, and mastering must be done in Pro Tools.
  • We will be playing our projects back on the last day: open your session and play it for the class.

Where to get a project

  • LABS! Go to the recording labs, and stick around after class for the recording sessions.
  • The Arranging, Small Combos, and Songwriting classes need their projects recorded.
  • Networking: this is how you will make a living in this field.
  • Your own project: if you have a band or your own material, book some studio time and record.
  • The class tape library. There are many old sessions backed up on tape in the blue cabinets.


The computer labs are available throughout the semester. You can work on your projects in there so you aren’t fighting against the rest of the class for a turn in the control rooms. To use Pro Tools in the lab, check out an iLok from professors Chauncey Maddren, Mike Julian, or Richard Kahn. You can start working on your final projects whenever you want on your own time, but you MUST be finished by the last day of class/finals. You have the entire semester to work on your project – no rush – but do not put it off until the last minute. We will present our final projects for the combined class on the last day of class/finals.

The final project is for your grade & class credit: get it done – no excuses.

Music 265-B Weekly Schedule (Approximate)


Week 1, September 3: Intro, Labs, Projects, Etc.


Week 2, September 10: Intro, Starting a Project


Week 3, September 17: Instruments & Microphone Placement


Week 4, September 24: Studio & Control Room Setup


Week 5, October 1: Recording an Ensemble


Week 6, October 8: In-Depth Editing


Week 7: October 15: Editing


Week 8, October 22: Editing & Mixing


Week 9, October 29: Mixing


Week 10, November 5: Mixing


Week 11, November 12: Mastering


Week 12, November 19: Post


Week 13, November 26: NO CLASS – Thanksgiving Break, work on your projects.


Week 14, December 3: Final Projects


Week 15, December 10: Final Projects


Week 16, December 17: FINAL PROJECTS DUE – Playback at the beginning of class.

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