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Studio Services

StudioServicesI provide recording, editing, mixing, and mastering services, including pitch correction, quantization, and music production. I can work with projects of any size, from solo artists to large orchestras. I use the latest in industry-standard gear and software.


Live Sound

LiveServicesFrom Front-of-House mixing to the Backline tech, I am experienced with every aspect of live sound. I mix live acts in nightclubs and outdoor music festivals, provide sound services for theater and spoken word events, build stages, and record concerts.

Post-Production Sound

PostServicesI offer a variety of post-production sound services for film and television, such as ADR, voiceover recording (experience with foreign-language dialogue as well), sound effects, sound design, and foley. I score original music for film and TV.


Music and Notation

MusicServicesTrained in both modern and classical music, I compose, arrange, and perform original music and covers in different genres. I score music for film, TV, video games, write jingles, and background music. I also offer sheet music copy and notation.

Digitization and Restoration

RestorationServicesI provide analog-to-digital transfers for analog tape formats, vinyl and cassettes. I also provide digital audio repair and restoration services for music and video. Clean up, convert, and save your old master recordings before they break down completely!


Repair and Technical

technicalservicesI provide instrument and pro-audio repair, as well as technical support for live acts: drums, guitar, backline, and sound tech. I design and build everything from guitar cables to recording studios. I offer quotes and consultations for studio installation.

DIY Mods

DIYservicesI make do-it-yourself mod tutorials and gear hacks for musicians and engineers alike. Check out my DIY section for projects you can build using gear you probably already own: microphone mods, accessories, recording studio tools, and more.



educationalservicesAs an educator, I teach music theory and music technology at home, online, and in the classroom. I offer one-on-one and group tutoring in these subjects. Students: check my Lessons section for regular updates throughout the semester.